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Turkey is now a modern state, especially in Istanbul escorts region, where women aspire to dress as sexy as Hollywood celebrities.

Men aren't notoriously possessive of Istanbul women anymore, since the easing of religious rigidity.

The bans also include adult dating sites and porn blogs, according to reports from people in India.

Internet users trying to access the pages over the weekend have found that they are unavailable, apparently following a request from the Indian government.

Istanbul escort women and attractive young Turkish women alike control much more of their romantic fates, much like those of Western women.

Only a century ago, and for much longer beyond, women were treated as chattel; more so in Eastern Muslim countries, but also in Western Christian ones.

The country's Supreme Court last month refused to block porn in response to a petition that linked it to sex crime, which was taken to mean that the country would not impose such a ban.

But the home ministry submitted further information after that ruling and the ban followed a letter sent to the telecom secretary, according to Reuters.

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