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And especially because he’s giving, not selling his advice, I’m happy to share some of his thoughts with you. As we know, dating gets expensive for a guy, and a small number of women will exploit men for their money by dating them.His name is Alex Matlock, he lives in London, and he’s both a gentleman and a scholar — he’s been enjoying the life of a ladies’ man while pursuing his Ph. Here’s Alex’s take on how to screen out the right women: () I approached Greg a couple of days ago and asked about a guest post on his blog.That’s right, Simon Cowell has nothing on me when it comes to being harsh on talent.But from reading his growing catalog of articles, I actually like what this kid has to say.The downside is that you can’t see who clicks you, but honestly, why would you care?I almost always decline offers to guest-post on my blog, usually because the writers are either too sleazy, too inexperienced or simply too unskilled.Don does a lot of swimming in “The Summer Man,” the latest episode of “Mad Men,” and while I’m not ready to call it a comeback just yet — he’d hit a new low last episode — he is […] Was it something I said, Don?Days after my online intervention for Don Draper, who was fast losing his Grade A game with the ladies, he showed us some signs of life in the latest episode of “Mad Men.” It’s far too soon to say he’s all the way back, but we finally saw our first Vintage Don in Season 4.

But as you might expect, […] This post won’t be as long as I originally expected.He replied that he liked my articles, but he wanted to see some more information about my philosophy on NOT dating.I’ll be very honest here because there’s no other way to put this.[…] I’m about to do something I never thought I’d have to do: give Don Draper advice on women.If you’ve watched “Mad Men,” you’ve watched one of the most fascinating characters ever to grace a TV screen.

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