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Emmy nominee Leah Remini says Scientologists meet to decide who to vote for in political elections — and discussed how that may relate to the church’s attitude toward President Trump.

“I know when I was in the organization, there were meetings amongst Scientologists on which ways to vote, and it was anyone who was pro-Scientology and its policies,” the former Scientologist told The Wrap after her nomination for Best Informational Series for “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.” What role if any Scientology plays in politics matters because of the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits nonprofit groups and religious organizations from endorsing or opposing candidates.

Not thinking much of it, I thought, "Better make sure he's not hurt." Thank the good Lord I did that because we had a long journey ahead of us.... Three, "My right leg really hurts." (I know it's not a question, but work with me here...).

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Broken leg, graduate school auditions, way too busy schedules, and all.

I believe the phrase I used was "as subtle as a nuclear bomb".

He told me he liked me on our walk back from getting coffee at Starbucks in the beginning of October. During this semester on Monday nights, Justin would wait for his roommate and another friend to finish with orchestra so they could pile in a car and drive to another orchestra rehearsal.

:)There are several things to consider when submitting your RSVP. If you are a couple with the same last name, please enter both first names in the "First Name" space with the word "and" separating them, and the last name in the "Last Name" space. If you are a couple with different names, please enter one complete name in "First Name" and the other name in "Last Name". If you are a family, please enter the information like #1 or #2, whichever is applicable.

Your child(ren) have been connected to your party and will show up for their own RSVP after your names.

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