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Even in the face of death, even if it is going to be a slow and painful death, Abraham is shown to be absolutely fearless and defiant when Negan executed him by smashing his head multiple times with his baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, "Lucille".In his final moments, Abraham died a noble and courageous man who made his final humorous words to his murderer, "Suck... nuts." Abraham was born in the mid 1960's, where he grew up in Houston, Texas, however, not much is known regarding that of his early childhood. S Military where he most presumably served in the middle-east, and through his years of service, he eventually gained the rank of Sergeant.Over time Abraham and Rosita developed a romantic relationship with each other, throughout their journey through Houston to Georgia they gradually lost group members one-by-one until Rosita was the sole member left from her original group.After a weakened Glenn Rhee collapses from fighting off walkers, Tara Chambler uses the end of her gun to kill the remaining walker.Tara notes that it's the first time she's seen someone smile while killing a walker, to which he replies that he is "the luckiest guy in the world".The group is soon back on the road, and Glenn finally awakens.It is hinted however that due Abraham’s war-time experience gradually moulded him into an incredibly brutal and malicious man and thus his aggressive demeanour heavily strained the relationship between him and his family a great deal, and thus they secretly became fearful of him.

The next thing you're gonna tell me is that you'll go and I can stay.Despite his rough, brash nature, Abraham greatly enjoys having fun, which he can find in killing walkers or admittedly, fighting other people, as noted by Tara Chambler, he smiles while killing the undead.His fun-loving side can also be seen in his evident sense of humor and peculiar choices of profanity, his most prominent personality quirk.At his best, he was providing insightful advice and council to his friends, lightening the mood, and pondering the future of mankind.At his worst, he was "grabbing the bull by the nut sack" and plunging himself into peril hoping for the thrill to provide him meaning.

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