Who is david conrad dating 2016

They even have a recent example to prove it.), but I have shared almost a decade of my Pittsburgh journey with you guys, and I don’t want to withhold from you this latest, interesting leg of the trip. Yes, it’s better than the alternative, but these gray hairs and these wrinkles and these failing eyes and this flabby butt are not endearing me much to 40.

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New JB: The star looked very different in the new interview shoot.

He approached every obstacle he faced with an unwavering positive attitude, the quintessential ``eternal optimist.'' He loved his wife, children, and grandchildren deeply.

He always enjoyed spending time with his family at their family house known as ``Camp David.'' David is survived by his wife, Norma, his son, Jeff (Chris) Conrad of Mobile, his daughters, Wendy (Neal) Aronson of Atlanta, Georgia, and Jill (Christopher) Hufnagel of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Conrad fared much better -- and received higher billing -- as Jim Clancy, the husband of medium Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) in the series The Ghost Whisperer, a supernatural drama that quickly became a blockbuster.

Conrad continued his work on The Ghost Whisperer until 2009, and remains active in film and television.

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