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There are several different languages available for specifying an XML schema. The primary purpose of a schema language is to specify what the structure of an XML document can be.

This means which elements can reside in which other elements, which attributes are and are not legal to have on a particular element, and so forth.

W3C XML Schema has a rich "simple type" system built in (xs:number, xs:date, etc., plus derivation of custom types), while RELAX NG has an extremely simplistic one because it's meant to use type libraries developed independently of RELAX NG, rather than grow its own. In practice it's common for a RELAX NG schema to use the predefined "simple types" and "restrictions" (pattern, max Length, etc.) of W3C XML Schema.

In W3C XML Schema a specific number or range of repetitions of patterns can be expressed whereas it's practically not possible to specify at all in RELAX NG ().

In practice, however, many schema validators are integrated with an XML parser.Though there are a number of schema languages available, the primary three languages are Document Type Definitions, W3C XML Schema, and RELAX NG.Each language has its own advantages and disadvantages.DTDs are perhaps the most widely supported schema language for XML.Because DTDs are one of the earliest schema languages for XML, defined before XML even had namespace support, they are widely supported.

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