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A stealth fighter, equipped with a cloaking device or such , cited: During the One Year War, the base was the target of many attacks by the Principality of Zeon, including the Operation British colony drop and a decisive battle at which the remaining bulk of Zeon's Earth Attack Force made their final attempt to destroy Jaburo.CDR Beausabre says the only use he can think of for such a ship in a science-fictional setting would be some kind of raiding ship, i.e., some sort of vessel designed for planetary raiding as an independent mission - strong enough to punch through planetary defenses, land and hold a perimeter to awhile, and then escape , source: For the most part China has relied on copying Russian fighter technology.However, the roll-out of the Chengdu J-20 Stealth fighter prototype raised eyebrows last year, carefully timed to coincide with a visit by the US defence secretary.Thank you for the guide, it was helped to kick start my time with Endless Space which I am really enjoying ref.:

This led to Operation: CHARLEMAGNE in January of 2496, when the UNSC Navy responded to the government's requests and began their campaign to retake Eridanus II, deploying a battle group to engage the makeshift Insurrectionist defense fleet.In order to exhaust those means, the force used should initially be the minimum amount necessary to counter the threat, and then escalated incrementally, becoming more lethal as the threat fails to disperse and/or grows stronger Q: But unlike it's namesake, it's not lost and gone forever.There have been some very significant developments in the deployment of Chinese submarines in recent years ref.: Finally, SRUF applies during any land homeland defense missions occurring within the U.

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