Tasha smith dating

On top of that, the judge said Douglas concealed the number of kids he actually had, his past criminal conduct, and failure to pay taxes for nearly a decade.The bottom line conclusion, according to the judge is that Douglas’ fraud went to the heart of her reasons for marrying Smith.Earlier this year we reported that Tyler Perry actress Tasha Smith was about to feel the full financial wrath of a bitter ex-boo.The actress is being ordered to pay her husband, Keith Douglas, k a month on top of the k settlement following their dysfunctional divorce.Smith, who still lives with her husband, was ordered to stay two yards away from Douglas while she is inside the house they share and 100 yards away from him when they are outside of it.

For instance, the fact that he led her to believe that he was a preacher and man of faith with a good moral compass, as Smith is strong in her faith. And this man with all his baggage was her manager at one point.The Tyler Perry star, who is a former atheist, shared her struggles with faith in an interview earlier this year."There was definitely a time where I did not believe in the Lord. You hear so many people always telling you what you should or shouldn't do, telling you you're a sinner, telling you how bad you are, all those things about yourself.I was lacking the understanding of the love of God.Now a judge has ruled that the marriage was a fraud due to his shady behavior according to Black America Web: A judge has ruled an annulment in Tasha Smith‘s marriage to Keith Douglas because it was a fraud.The deal is she found out about dude’s secret life.

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