Symantec proactive threat protection not updating

This can lower the cost of personal v Disk storage.

During Site creation, when you create a connection, you define storage locations for disks that are used by VMs.

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Personal v Disks provide this separation by redirecting all changes made on the user's VM to a separate disk (the personal v Disk), which is attached to the user's VM.Later, you can also add personal v Disks and storage for them to existing hosts (but not machine catalogs) from Configuration New in version 7.0.1: Personal v Disk is now more robust to environment changes.Virtual desktops with personal v Disks now register with the Delivery Controller even if image updates fail, and unsafe system shutdowns no longer put the v Disks into a permanently disabled state.The content of the personal v Disk is blended at runtime with the content from the master image to provide a unified experience.In this way, users can still access applications provisioned by their administrator in the master image.

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