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The show is currently televised on three networks: on Direc TV's Audience Network (formerly the 101 Network) since August 3, 2009; on three AT&T Sports Net affiliates since October 25, 2010; and on NBCSN as of November 5, 2012.

The Sync system will display a 6-digit PIN number when it begins “searching” for your phone.

And the kit offers easy portability between vehicles all with a single subscription.

Listening in multiple vehicles requires the purchase of multiple accessory kits, but extends the life and use cases for the Stratus 7.

Of course, if this process doesn’t work, then please, visit your Ford or Lincoln Service Department.

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All parameters for preset satellites revert to their factory default settings.Within a new minutes the system should be functioning normally with this process, it seems a little easier to do.I work with people every day with the Ford Sync system.Use one of the following methods to update the satellite library: Using an Onboard Network with Internet Access Using a Smart Phone or Tablet If you have an Apple® i OS or Google™ Android™ smartphone or tablet, and your device has an Internet connection, you can use the Trac Vision TV/RV App to download the latest library file and upload it to the system.You can download the App for free from the Apple i Tunes® App Store™ or Google Play Store.

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