Philanderer dating sites leslie logan dating

They then respond back to the victims with delaying responses.

Not too many people ready to have their name associated with that.I checked to see if there were any "chat ready" women online, and what do you know, but the first three profiles that come up all have the same headline: "Hello"; not to mention that two are from "Central, British Columbia" and one is from "Central, Ohio" Now, what are the chances that three profiles with the same headline and all with the same BS name town listed (Central) would be "Chat Ready" at once?None of the profiles has anything written in the comments section either, as if they were all computer generated and not real people.I wonder if any single people use this who want to have an affair with someone who's married?And here's an evil thought: if you ever try to cancel your membership, they could threaten to tell your spouse. Almost all of the female postings are fictitiously placed by the webmaster luring in "men seeking" philanderous relationships.

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