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Hardcore smut has been legally available in Britain since the introduction of the R18 certificate six years ago. For me, the card does not compare favourably with the Inxworld card.Yet dedicated adult channels aren't allowed to show explicit consensual sex. Because porn's embarrassing and tawdry and we don't want that muck on our airwaves? This present fudge just makes Ofcom look like bigger idiots than the pornographers themselves. Their editors must be one gripe I've seen repeated by so many first time subscribers is: Wheres the harder content that was promised in the intro? But when pitted against the 5 channel Inxworld card, Spice's variety starts to look less varied - sooner or later that same type of material will crop up on the Inxworld channels.

The Dorcel TV schedules also include a fair number of magazine style programmes, again concentrating on the glamourous side of life. There are also porn star bios and 'Making Of' programmes.

some screenings are near the knuckle and obviously pushing boundaries but it is only a glimpse here and a squint there. From what I have seen, no genitalia are actually shown. Spice Platinum has lost it's battle with French law and has now stopped broadcasting 24 hours per day. The TP has also changed to 19011V encryption type TPSAES keys updated every 20 minutes. It would seem that the time restrictions may only apply to the French TPS feed for this channel Private spice under some sort of new management have made a number of changes as well as the condom advert.

Over the past few weeks, the repeats of old material has reached an all time high. Short commercial breaks between films, which sometimes have a plot and narrative. They now broadcast three 8 hour shifts as opposed to the original four 6 hour shifts.

So when I popped in a new viewing card to get reacquainted with French satellite TV, it was good to see Zara Whites starring in the first film that I sat down to watch.

The channel is Dorcel TV and it is the satellite arm of the long running French porn production company, Video Marc Dorcel (VMD).

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