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Honestly despite Senator Blumenthal`s enthusiasm on Chris`s show just moments ago, that bill is not assumed to go anywhere soon, at least as long as Republicans control the House. Senate hosted confirmation hearings for President Obama`s nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security, former Defense Department top lawyer Jeh Johnson.If that bill ever does pass, though, it would be the first federal legislation to advance and protect abortion rights in this country in almost 20 years. Tomorrow, the Senate will hold confirmation hearings for President Obama`s nominee for the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen.

And because of the sentence and the plea bargain that went along with it, under Florida law, this all happened in Tampa, Florida, this went down on Mark Patterson`s record as withheld judgment on the assault to intent rape charge.And now, in Massachusetts, there`s essentially universal coverage in the state.That state version of health reform is, of course, the template for our efforts now at national reform.His Web site still today insists that he was a professional bicyclist. Although the state of Florida misspelled the word "commit" when they said what he pled to.So, he was initially charged with forcible rape, he pled guilty to assault with intent to commit rape.

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