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For normal shedding, we handle it with professional deshedding shampoo and techniques at no additional cost.

But for those fuzzy pets who need a significant amount of excess hair and dander removed (blowing coat shedding in chunks), we take it to the next level with a full deshedding treatment.

Please refer to our Breed Starting Rates page for the starting rates for your breed.

Starting rates apply to healthy pets with well maintained coats, additional charges may apply to pets who are larger than average for the breed, or with health, coat or behavioral issues that increase grooming time.

Groomer will cut with clippers or grind with a dremel – your (or your pet’s) choice!

When requesting this service, please be specific about your preferences or even provide a picture that shows the desired look- from mohawks to lion cuts, and everything in between!

Woofie’s Custom Military Cut – Includes the Express Service plus a neat, clean even cut all over to the length you request.

The Woofie’s Mobile Pet Spa brings the comforts and amenities of an upscale grooming salon to the privacy and convenience of your home.

Our fully-equipped, self-contained mobile spa with state-of-the-art grooming equipment is designed to achieve maximum safety, comfort and convenience.

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