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In 2009, the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching released a statement that cited the shift of significant responsibility to nurses for management of complex regimens, and increasing complexity of community-based practices leaving entry level nurses without the essential knowledge and skills for practice (Benner, Sutphen , Leonard, & Day, 2009) . report compelling evidence that advanced degree nurses result in better patient outcomes: a 10% increase in BSN prepared nurses decreased post surgical mortality by 5% (Aiken et al. In a report released in 2001 by Milbank Memorial Fund, studies in New York and Texas clearly identified significantly higher medication errors and procedural violations from nurses educated in diploma or associate degree programs (AACN, 2004) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A study submitted for publishing by Drs.

Designed to maintain multiple entry points into the profession while increasing the level of education required to maintain licensure (NYSNA, 2012) . Educational advancement of registered nurses: A consensus position.

Advanced Practice Nurses (APN), are going to have to fill in those provider gaps.

Advocating for nurses to pursue a BSN will hopefully influence them to further advance their education to meet the increasing medical demands within the nation.

Impact on Advanced Nursing Practice Educator “ Within the next 10 years, half of nursing-school faculty members will reach retirement age; the anticipated attrition represents a crisis in the making, with potentially far-reaching consequences for the replenishment of the nurse workforce, which is itself on the verge of losing some 500,000 nurses to retirement” (Aiken, 2011, p.196). What is the IOM report “ The Future of Nursing” really telling us? Retrieved from Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Health care at the crossroads: Strategies for addressing the evolving nursing crisis. rdonlyres/5C138711- ED76_4D6F-909F-B06E0309F36D/0/health_care_at_the_Lane, S.

With BSN in 10 implemented, within 10 years the number of bachelor prepared nurses will increase, potentially increasing the number of advanced practice nurses and educators. Roadmap for quality measurement in t raditional medicare fee-for-service program.

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