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Pictures later showed Nicole's bruised face from an attack Greer said: 'The day of my wedding, I found out that Nicole and OJ would not be attending and he said it was because Nicole was having very bad cramps from her period.' It later turned out Nicole had been badly beaten and couldn't appear in public'We go inside and we became romantic.

Monogamy The longest monogamous relationship I’ve had was two-and-three-quarter years, right before Jellybean, with someone who never wants to see me again. Stepped-on Men All those men I stepped all over to get to the top, every one of them would take me back because they still love me and I still love them.

His most recent books include No need to buy a brownie when you take this read to the bookstore coffee shop.

It's packed tight with enough rich and tasty morsels of information to keep you savoring every page!

If I ever did something like that, I’m the slut of the year. If you spend the time that you do have together not fighting, you might enjoy each other.

Fights Most of the fight I have with boyfriends are how I’m not paying enough attention to them or I’m always off doing things for my career. Little Madonna I was never a Girl Scout, but I was a Campfire Girl and a Brownie.

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