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For example, say a woman living alone at a particular address in 1938 disappears in the 1939 directory.But, by going to the 1939 cross-street address listing for the same address, it may be discovered that the woman remarried, is still living in the same house, and you find the new husband’s name!The main listing of names in the book is an alphabetical listing by the names of the residents.But in the back of the book is an index according to the address of the houses, apartments, or businesses —a street index, followed by the house number and names of residents at that address.Instead of printed directories each year, the same name lists are now published online – and there are many ways of accessing those name lists.The previous article, “Online Resources for Finding Living Relatives (Part 1 and Part 2),” identified many of the websites where white pages, yellow pages, and current city directories are found.Virtually every city in America with a public library has a collection of city directories for that city.

They are usually located in the public library serving a particular city.Yet, the old directories exist for virtually every community in America, and often to the earliest time of settlement of a community.Some of the privately published directories for a city date back over a hundred and fifty years, and some collections are nearly complete for every year in which a directory was published.But, the old city directories, those published before the Internet, and those still sitting in a library somewhere, are in many cases a long way away from being digitized and included on the Internet for research.There are exceptions – with having posted many directories on their site.

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