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"Two girls who grew up on a council estate, sipping champagne next to Helen Mirren. In other words, the Arterton dynamic is more Kylie and Dannii Minogue than it is Joan Fontaine and Olivia de Havilland."She [Gemma] was so incredibly successful, very quickly.So far, her big sister has been nothing but supportive.When Hannah was 18 she lived in Gemma's London flat, auditioning for drama school and working in a Camden shoe-shop by day, cat-sitting by night as her sister roamed film sets and red carpets around the world. Her "work experience" the summer before she started at Rada was two weeks on the set of Prince of Persia, and she has had her share of plus-ones to award ceremonies and premieres.Growing up in Gravesend, Kent, she was always more interested in singing than acting.

Another British film, Hide and Seek, premiered at Edinburgh film festival last week.

Move over, the Cusacks, there's a new sister act in town.

And between them they look to have the future of British musicals sewn up.

"I can't begin to describe how much I wasn't expecting that to happen. Well I was, but I wasn't thinking that if I didn't get in then that was my dream ended." The dream continued when she was cast in My City and found herself working with Poliakoff and Tracey Ullman, who, improbably, taught her to knit. We'd sit backstage, listening to Joni Mitchell and knitting." After that, things became less idyllic. "I think I had close to 100 auditions in that time and didn't land any of the jobs...

I was exhausted all the time and I felt like I was still 17.

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