For validating mdf files

Some of the codes in the flat files are characters.

So, flat file reader component will fail reading the character value.

SSIS provides three different types of control flow elements: consists of the sources and destinations that extract and load data, the transformations that modify and extend data, and the paths that link sources, transformations, and destinations.

The Data Flow task is the executable within the SSIS package that creates, orders, and runs the data flow.

A task will only execute if the condition that is set by the precedence constraint preceding the task is met.Checkpoint mechanism uses a Text File to mark the point of package failure.These checkpoint files are automatically created at a given location upon the package failure and automatically deleted once the package ends up with success.Data Sources, Transformations, and Data Destinations are the three important categories in the Data Flow.AGGEGATE: The Aggregate transformation applies aggregate functions to column values and copies the results to the transformation output.

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