Error validating nbdb backup in usr openv db staging Free cam chat ada

Enter the Ops Center server (default: NONE): Net Backup server installation complete. If an Ops Center server already exists in your environment or you plan to install one, enter the real hostname of that Ops Center server here. If you do not want this local machine to be an Ops Center server, enter NONE.[y,n] (y) Net Backup and Media Manager are normally installed in /usr/openv. Database [NBDB] is alive and well on server [NB_rhel6-01]. Creation of Net Backup Authorization database is complete. Migrating SLP definitions into the Net Backup relational database.

The following information can help you to install and operate the Sybase SQL Anywhere relational database management system. Net Backup 8.0To obtain Net Backup 8.0 installation media: Net Backup 7.7.3To obtain Net Backup 7.7.3 installation media: ~]# tar xf Net Backup_7.7.3_Linux R_x86_64gz [[email protected] ~]# ls Documents Music Net Backup_7.7.3_Linux R_x86_64gz Public Videos Desktop Downloads syslog Net Backup_7.7.3_Linux R_x86_64 Pictures Templates [[email protected] ~]# cd Net Backup_7.7.3_Linux R_x86_64 [[email protected] Net Backup_7.7.3_Linux R_x86_64]# ls Doc install LICENSE linux R_x86 [[email protected] Net Backup_7.7.3_Linux R_x86_64]# ./install Symantec Installation Script Copyright 1993 - 2016 Symantec Corporation, All Rights Reserved. Installing Net Backup Server Software Please review the SYMANTEC SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT located on the installation media before proceeding. The agreement includes details on the Net Backup Product Improvement Program. [y,n] (y) y Starting Net Backup Deduplication installer testing: /tmp/pdde_pkg_dir_27939 Net Backup Deduplication preinstall check passed Is this host the master server?

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