Demi lovato is dating niall

The twosome headed to Pink Taco after the show after both winning Moonman awards. The actor dated Lovato in 2010 and the twosome remained friends.

While fans have speculated a romance between the two stars for months, Lovato has continued to shoot them down. They reunited after Lovato was released from a treatment facility (where she was treated for an eating disorder and cutting) in January 2011.

"[email protected] Official Yep...things are about to get very interesting!!!

#Sept 12," she tweeted after he wrote about catching up on episodes of the "X Factor." One Direction competed on the show in the U.

While Horan is currently back home in London, before he jetted there he reportedly nabbed some private time with Lovato while he was in L. News that they were on an "intimate date." Interestingly enough, just before the VMAs went live last Thursday, he shared his feelings about the "Give Your Heart a Break" singer, telling "Access Hollywood" that Lovato is his celebrity crush. Rumors about a Niall/Demi romance kicked off earlier this summer, but back in June, they gave the old "we're just friends" line about their relationship status.

While the twosome might now be in two separate countries, late Sunday they were still tweeting back and forth to one another. A month later, she once again brushed off any talk there was anything brewing between them. He's really sweet and he's one of my really good friends now.

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We just hope fans don't keep her from living her life how she wants!From the beginning, Demi claimed they were just friends, but with everyone hounding her every time they hung out, she felt like she couldn't even be friends with him at all.In an interview with magazine, Demi said, "Unfortunately, as sweet as he is, it's hard to maintain a friendship with somebody that you really can't hang out with without people automatically assuming that you're dating." After all the drama, Demi and Niall kept their friendship quiet -- if they even had one at all, that is.When Lovato's pretty mug popped up, Louis Tomlinson said immediately, "Niall.100 percent." Harry Styles quipped, "Niall dreams dirty things! That's more in line with that Niall said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest recently, in which he admitted to Skyping with the starlet. She’s a cool girl so I got in contact with her,” Horan said of Lovato.

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