Dating violence in teen of colour in toronto

However, he admits that deputy district judge Sarah Gibbons was ‘absolutely fair’ in his case.

If I had known Kimberley was going to do what she did, I would never have got married at all and she wouldn’t have been entitled to anything – though she would still have got the house, there was never any debate about that.’ Happier times: Mike and Anne pictured together on a beach in August 1989.

‘I brought all the money into the marriage and I am still flabbergasted that I was ordered to pay out so much.

She had two barristers from a London chambers and I was representing myself.

Clearly children have to be protected and, if there’s violence or hostility, there may be a role for the law then.

But otherwise, if people want to separate, it should be kept out of the hands of lawyers and judges. Mediation has a bad press, but I think that’s partly because lawyers think they might lose work.’ Smiles all round: Three well-known women and their husbands, photographed together in August 1992.

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