Dating in nelspruit

Since our Municipality moved over to a new program for making it better for the public it has worsen for us.

For the last 7 Months we either did not receive bills or it was completely incorrect.

After 11weeks of waiting I'm told I have to wait for another 12 weeks.

All my accounts are being handed over for collections as it is,my life is at a standstill. Lynette mamabolo from planet fitness heiwoorld centurion signed me up for a contract which sees me paying 199.00 for 3 month as a promotion the club was running, only to be debited twice in the first, when I asked her and the club manager what was the other amount for I'm being told its levy fee which she never took it upon herself to explain it to me, I'm saying this because she explained everything to me expect this levy fees, based on that I sent them a number of emails which are been...

On 14 December 2017 I tried to use my machine again for the first time after he worked on it and it was completely broken. purchased a shoe for r999.00 on the 5 December 2017 at Forever New Liberty Midlands mall in Pm Burg and used it for a function on the 8th December from my home to the function in about a space of 30 mins Shoes was slipping out my feet and found it to be very uncomfortable Returned it on the 11 December under 7 days return policy But to No avail The manger refuses to credit me or give a me avoucher.

This is what you get for been honest and never thought a r1000 shoe would be so uncomfortable.... Adams orded a Hisense Infinity KO smart phone on forcini online shipping om black friday.

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Here are the eight highly acclaimed series you will only find on Showmax in South Africa:1.

I have since bought couches at Rochester Parkview in was a prosess for them to deliver them they just kept me waiting at home several times and when they finally delivered they brought me damaged/broken couches. The warehouse people will call to make arrangements but they never very frustrating for me to stay at home and nobody comes or call.

I am working and have to take time off at work for nothing.

The inspection was done for my car and the people that did the inspection confirmed that it was sent to them but they do not keep the records.

They have been deducting for the policy and they are still deducting even though my car was written off and they rejected the claim I got dismissed on 07Sep2017 and I was told that all my monies would be paid into my bank account after -12 ,on the 11th week I sent an Email to Edcon's Hr to inquire how far are they with the process instead I was told that there's a withdrawal form I needed to fill and send through and that I'd have to wait for another 12 weeks!!

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