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Also, please have a look at our TOS to be aware of the cases when we reserve the right to delay or withhold your payment.

Hey, Annie here, As you may have guessed, all the links here are my second tier signup links which pay me small amount of commission paid out from the vendor’s cut, not yours!

In most cases affiliates use their own banners but you can always contact your account manager with an inquiry to give you the banners.

All statistical data is updated virtually real-time (with a short lag of about 5 minutes or so) and is displayed in your affiliate account in the Reports section.

In addition, your account shows the status of your transactions and commissions. When you become our affiliate, you will receive a unique ID number, which will be present in every link code of promotional materials.

This ID number is used for tracking the source of traffic and the correct payment to you as an affiliate.

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