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Note: Most teens who watch late-night shows like this check them out on a "time-shift" basis via DVR or online clips, rather than at the original p.m.-or-later air time -- which is better for their sleep habits!

" /The series pokes fun at a variety of issues, but Ferguson has also used the show to share his feelings about more serious topics such as the loss of his parents, becoming an American citizen, and staying sober.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Ferguson got his start in the entertainment industry as a drummer for some of the worst punk bands in the U. Following his musical stint, he began bartending in a local pub in Glasgow where he was introduced to Michael Boyd, the artistic director of The Tron Theatre in Glasgow, who persuaded Ferguson to give acting a go.

After several low paying acting gigs, Ferguson discovered he had a knack for comedy and was soon the star of his own BBC television show, "The Ferguson Theory." After several stints on the English comedy circuit, Ferguson brought his act to America in 1995 to star with Betty White and Marie Osmond in the short-lived ABC comedy, "Maybe This Time." After the show ended, ABC decided to add the talented Scotsman to "The Drew Carey Show," playing Drew Carey's boss, 'Nigel Wick,' from 1996-2003.

Ferguson was most recently heard on the big screen as he reprised his character 'Gobber' in "How to Train Your Dragon 2." On September 22nd, 2014, the new syndicated game show "Celebrity Name Game" debuted with Ferguson as host, from executive producers Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

"Celebrity Name Game" puts celebrities on the spot as they compete to identify famous names based on improvised clues.

Ferguson is a recovering alcoholic and occasionally talks about his addiction (and his sobriety).

Episodes have also included serious discussions about topics like the death of his parents and becoming a naturalized citizen.

Additionally, Craig has three widely acclaimed stand-up comedy specials, "A Wee Bit O' Revolution", which premiered on Comedy Central and was released on Home Video in 2009, and "Does This Need To Be Said," which premiered on Epix in 2011, aired on Comedy Central and was released on Home Video.Parents need to know that this late-night show, hosted by Scottish-born comedian Craig Ferguson, offers lots of fun but adult-oriented humor.Expect a fair bit of sexual innuendo and salty language (words like “ass," "damn," and “hell” are audible, while stronger words are bleeped). The Scottish-American performer geeked out with us discussing the ins and outs of stand-up comedy, as well as the abominations that are shoes shaped like feet and Kenny G’s saxophone solos. Which I think makes me a bad candidate for the internet, and perhaps very out of date. I was there for the last tour, shot the special after, then I went back for two months. I am capable of not agreeing with someone and not hating them.

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