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The soap star, who left East Enders in 2012, said the drug gave them the 'wonderment of children', but she wanted to know more about the pros and cons of it.The issue of legalisation has long been the subject of debate in the UK with marijuana having been reported to ease symptoms of arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and several other conditions.A product of the New York streets, the tough guy was born Anthony Papaleo (Franciosa was his mother’s maiden name).“Getting in the first blow was something I learned in childhood,” he once told an interviewer, according to the Associated Press.Among his movies were Besides Winters, Franciosa was married to writer Beatrice Bakalyar and real estate agent Judy Kanter, with whom he had a daughter, Nina.His lasting marriage was to Rita Thiel, a German fashion model.

He later studied at the Actors Studio and the New School for Social Research, which was where he met Winters.

The next morning I woke up and I'm in a cave with trees and things. 'We were in fact in the Madonna Inn, in California, where I've always wanted to go and I was in the jungle room!

' East Enders legend Pam St Clement will also leave viewers open-mouthed, as the new show will see her smokes marijuana on TV. We jumped in with both feet and sat down and started to paint this cactus.'The guy came round with this joint and I took a puff, and [dart player Bobby George] took a puff then we got on with this painting.

I was so ill, I couldn't stand up, and I threw up millions of times.

And then I couldn't walk so I had to be taken off the bus and put into a bed.

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