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In some cases it takes months, but often the shift is so rapid that it catches them by surprise.”Without easy gratification, sex drive becomes energy expended in various parts of life. Stronger mental control over moods and thought processes 54.

Quitting frequent porn and masturbation can dramatically improve the quality of your life, especially if it’s a problem in your life that you have not even identified.

It might be true, but when taken to the extreme, you start to run into some problems.

One of the biggest problems with pornography is that many men view it as an innocuous pastime.

But before we can do that, we need to understand how porn affects the brain and what’s really going on beneath the surface.

Before we dive into the rest of the content, you first need to understand a little bit more about your brain and how it works. Better response to emotionally charged situations 63. Being better at controlling other aspects of life, like cooking, exercising etc 69.

You’ll notice that you feel more energized, sharper, and focused—because the biological drive that has developed to present you with an evolutionary edge is being put to use instead of squandered.

Take this drive and put it towards focusing on health, your social life, and your career, and you’ll find that you have little need for porn anymore, since women will naturally be attracted to the great life you live. Regain of focus to finish one job before starting the next one 49.

Few things can cause the kind of dopamine spike that an orgasm can, and healthy activities are steadily phased out. Even those formerly suffering from social anxiety are more often than not emboldened to explore new avenues for social contact: smiling and joking with work colleagues, online dating, meditation groups, nightspots, and so forth.

I suggest quit masturbating and go on a 30 day, then 60 day, then 90-day challenge (I recommend that you also attempt going sober for the first 30 days) to fully experience the positive effects of no porn and frequent masturbation. Strive to make love with women to fulfill your desires instead.

You will find that with all the free time you are being more productive, social, meeting new people, attracting more women into your life, and trying new things.

For the first time in human history, young men have access to a nearly limitless supply of free, high definition porn and the ramifications of this reality are starting to become clear.

While the internet is filled with claims that masturbation is healthy and actually beneficial, this is tantamount to saying that a glass of red wine a day is good for your heart.

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