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I have a order I dropped off at USPS that is stuck in "Package has left seller facility and is in transit to carrier," its been over a week since I dropped it off and nothing has changed. Deal with PO to get your item back or work through a claim process.

I contacted the seller to ask if they got it and maybe the tracking was just not updating, but I heard no response. Have you gone to the usps web site to look for scans of the tracking number.

I learned my lesson (well re-learned actually), don't put stuff in drop boxes, even if the line is long have them scanned in by a human.

And even more than that, stick to FBA, its both easier and more cost-effective. Further to Red Sky's comment: SCAN sheets are offered by Endicia and I believe by (perhaps others).

Could we all be seeing a real temporary decrease in ADS-B traffic?

Perhaps the recent weather problems in the US East could be affecting flights everywhere. could the large amount of US Thanksgiving travelers be swamping the Flight Aware servers affecting data uploads from everyone?

They scan the sheet (which officially enters all the items into the mail stream) and put the sheet into my PO box at the same branch.Anothe BN member ordered similar items from the same retailer a day later, and she has already received them as of last Friday, June 1.The USPS people tell me it's not uncommon for it to take up to 10 business days from the time it is sent, but it has been over that amount of time now and I'm starting to get worried.The information is provided as a public service only.The information on this site is general in nature, unofficial and is not a valid reference for any legal purposes.

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