Battlefield bad company 2 online stats not updating

So I guess its the waiting game for now fellas....... I really don't care about my stats as starting from fresh is allways fun, though, now there is only few players in the servers and no xp is being saved, so you can't even level up.

EA do something, that's the best BF for me and i can't play it.

The nicknames linked to your profile have updated this month or within the past couple weeks. I will explain clearly I am playing bfbc2 in these servers [DU4] #N5 | Heavy Metal | 32 Helis [DU4] #N1 | Heavy Metal | 32 Helis #1 [5XP] Heavy Metal Only 2000 Tickets by I am sorry its not rank. I am in 36th level now, but it shows 10th level only. name=mahesh# so i want to update my stats in gametracker.

Also note that if you change your nickname you need to be looking under that name as well. If this does not answer your question, you will need to respond with something remotely helpful.

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Battlefield: Bad Company is a first-person shooter developed by EA DICE for Play Station 3 and Xbox 360, and part of the Battlefield series.

If you need a better representation of the issue, here is a video of it:

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A direct sequel, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, was released for the Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and PC on 2 March 2010.After about 10 seconds of spinning, the ring stops, and the entire game freezes, bring the computer with it, making me have to force a restart.I have tried this game on multiple different computers, with no issues at all, but the most confusing part about this issue is, out of all of my computers, my actual "gaming" computer is the only one that doesn't work!When I try to play multiplayer, a window pops up stating: "Updating Your Stats".Then the window just stays there, and the loading ring keeps spinning.

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