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Either party can select what to jointly color while talking.

Easy-to-use crayons, colored pencils and stickers appear on the left.

Our website lets friends and family stay connected no matter where they live. The best part is that you will never need to register to be able to use the chat rooms here. There is no use in using chatting sites that charge you to chat in them. All you have to do is grab a computer with internet connection and log on to our website. Note that you dont need to have a video webcam to chat. What you will find here is a great site to keep you entertained and social online. There is to be no graphic talk or content posted anywhere in this website. Click on any of the free chat rooms from the menu above and have fun.

That is an additional feature for those who want to use it but its not required in any way. If you have enjoyed our site please remember to bookmark us and share with others you know. Check out our video one of our members made for us back in 2012 which truly captures what we are all about.

This app shines because it is simple to set up (both parties simply download the free app), and it works by using either Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

It can work using Wi-Fi or cellular, but it needs a strong connection.

Also, the app is a little buggy about recalling artwork or games already started so that you could continue.

Most of the screen is filled up with the book to read.

The app magically shows you where the other person's hand is pointing on the page as you share a story together.

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